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RICKA  welcomes all paddlers who wish to participate in a fun group activity in a responsible way. On occasion whitewater paddlers will announce trips by e-mail which are suitable for beginners and rated Class 1-2.  Other more difficult trips will be rated Class 3-4.  Please review river descriptions of rapids and necessary equipment. To ensure safety, Coordinators will ask for your past experience on other rivers. Trip coordinators may strongly urge some boaters to stay off the river if you are not suitably equipped or do not have adequate experience. You the boater, however, must always be responsible for your own safety and the ultimate judge of your own skills. You should have prior quick water experience for beginner trips and RSVP by phone with the leader beforehand. Novices should not join this group. You must have directional control of your boat at all times. 


Helmets for all passengers in covered boats and canoes. (Bike helmets are not allowed)

Wetsuits, drysuits or spare clothes bagged – mandatory October thru May

FDs - mandatory

Kayak sprayskirts for Class 1 and higher rivers - mandatory

Bailing scoops for canoes (highly recommended)

Rescue throw bags or lengths of rope (highly recommended)

Towline bags (highly recommended)

Lunch, drybags, drinking water and sunscreen

Whitewater Classifications



MSG Board “It’s Raining and the Rivers are up” Paddles 

The WW message board is a public service to the paddling community. It will strive to have an open policy on postings.

 Any board poster may initiate these paddles. Please be aware that RICKA club members may not know the paddler or know of his abilities. He may be wonderfully qualified, or he may be proposing something that is at the limit of his abilities. Paddlers should avoid rivers at flood stage and be aware of the dangers of fallen trees. YOU MUST USE YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT WHEN YOU CHOSE TO PADDLE WHITEWATER RIVERS

ANYTIME YOU CHOOSE TO PADDLE: YOU ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY. Familiarize yourself with river levels and descriptions. Assess your own skill level and the people that you will be paddling with. You can always go home for the day or walk around a difficult rapid. Educate yourself about safety and carry appropriate gear, clothes, water, food etc. Ask the trip coordinator questions before embarking.




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Any paddle sport is an assumed risk sport. Some aspects of canoeing and kayaking involve the risk  of serious injury or death. The Rhode Island Canoe/Kayak Association (Rhode Island Canoe Association, Inc.), although safety conscious, cannot guarantee your personal safety in club activities. Each participant is responsible for his or her own training in boating and rescue techniques, equipment, and personal well-being when engaging in or attending club-organized activities.





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