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Our not-for-profit club offers paddle trips on rivers, lakes and ponds as well as estuaries, marshes and coves.

Trips are open to canoes and kayaks, but not inflatables.




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The people who coordinate RICKA trips are responsible for setting a meeting time and how to get to the put-in and take-out. The trip coordinators are unpaid volunteers who are not  professionals.  They are not and cannot be responsible for determining the adequacy of your skill level, your personal safety, well-being, or happiness.
 Trips are group events.  You, and you alone, are responsible for yourself    


PFDs (life vests) are required on all RICKA and Blackstone Valley Paddle Club trips.  Please stay out of channels and be aware of boating traffic. Canoes and kayaks do not have the right of way.

Note:  Inflatable PFDs (life vests) are not acceptable for paddling on RICKA Flatwater trips or Blackstone Valley Paddle Club trips for safety reasons. 

Any paddle sport is an assumed risk sport. Some aspects of canoeing and kayaking involve the risk  of serious injury or death. The Rhode Island Canoe and Kayak Association, although safety conscious, cannot guarantee your personal safety in club activities.

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