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Whitewater Photos and Videos


Recent Videos!
Blackstone River and Canal Loop- Erik 3/2020
Papa Joe Hike- Erik 3/20
Paddle Time - Earl 4/20
Taunton River-  Earl 4/20
Halloween Project- Earl 4/20

Lonsdale Paddle- Erik 4/20
Fun video - Erik 4/20
West Greenland  paddle Steve Norris
Whitehall Reservoir   Earl MacRae 11/2016
Lower Taunton- 3/23/20-Tony Moore
Video by Earl MacRae
First Day of Winter on the Blackstone Earl
Branch River Video -2012  - Video by Earl MacRae
Along the Blackstone, Episode 61 - Discover the Blackstone River with the Paddle Club

This weekend was set to have our 20th anniversary party. Instead here is another video of some of our great leaders! Video by Suzanne Buchanan and Bonnie Combs

Manville to Lonsdale Video by bike and boa- Erik 6/2020