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Now that you have decided to either join or renew your membership, here is a way to pay easily and painlessly. Of course, you can still use the postal service to mail a paper check to us if you like.  Payments are securely processed by PayPal. Clicking any payment button will take you to PayPal's secure site. PayPal does not send us any of your financial information other than your name and payment email address.

If this is a new or gift membership please fill out this form and mail it by the US postal service to :

RICKA Membership:

P.O. Box 184
Hope Valley, RI 02832


If this is a renewal and some of your membership information has changed please fill in your name and only the updated information on this form.. OR you may email any updated information to Membership@ricka.org.   Please do not fill in any information that has not changed.  If nothing has changed since last year do not fill out the form.

Among other benefits, your membership fee includes 11 issues per year of our "Paddler" newsletter, electronically delivered to your email address. It is very important to include your email address. 


 Use this section to make your annual dues payment. Note: after hitting the "Buy Now"button below, you will be directed to the PayPal website.  If you wish to return to the RICKA site, you will need to hit your browser's "back" button or arrow.

Note: If you are paying via PayPal you do not need to send in the membership form.
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