Minutes 2012


Attended: Susan Engleman-Vice President / Bill / Henry /Tom /
Cheryl / Jim / Sharon / Barbara /Elijah /Cat
Meeting start- 7 PM Meeting end- 8:15 PM

minutes of previous meeting were approved as posted on the web.
Bill Luther brought up RICKA adopting a section of highway to  
clean.  The board does not wish to pursue it.  It did suggst cleaning  
up an access or waterway. 
The treasurer was not present.  It was suggested that the  
treasurer become more involved.  Sharon stated that she will handle  
the deposit of membership money, as membership chair. The board  
decided that by Feb. 1 all of the treasurery issues will be settled.   
Susan will contact AJ and get the plan in motion. Andy will be  
contacted again to see if he will assume treasurer duties. 
ACA Paddle Club renewal- Cat will go for a 12 month renewal. She  
discussed the renewal and the requirements.  Susan will contact Erik  
to run the ACA logo more prominently  and to run the RICKA logo  
instead of the Paddler logo. 
Speakers ---May  Jack Radcliff /Feb. Carl Ladd (VFH) training /  
March  Kevin Allsworth rescue / April Wilderness Camping with Bill Luther and Jim Cole  / 
Jan.is open.  Barbara will reserve rooms for the JCC. 
Elijah was given the go ahead to purchase a book on the NORTHERN  
FOREST CANOE TRAIL. Motion made by Susan and passed by all. 
It was suggested to have a small section of the newsletter to review  
books in the library. 

Cat straightened out the rolling clinic fees.RICKA will pay the
school and not the Friends of the Blackstone. Practice participants will be limited. The
rolling clinic will be in Feb . and March. Cat will set actual dates
and fees will be through Pay Pal. Info will be in the newsletter.

Discussed Carl Ladd doing instructor training for $350. Cat will
contact him. Motion made by Bill and passed by all.


Executive Board Meeting 10/3/12
Rhode Island Canoe and Kayak Assoc.
Attended: AJ Barbato-president/Susan Engleman-vicepresident/Mike V./ Jim C./Barbara/Cheryl/Henry/Mike B./Erik /Lysa / Sharon / Tom /
Elijah / Charlie.
Meeting start-7PM Meeting end 8 PM
Approved September minutes as posted to RICKA web site.
Treasurer’s report given and approved.

By laws were emailed to board members. They have been instructed to read and send AJ any changes before the November meeting. He will rewrite
and repost the bylaws to the board members. There was some talk on how to present the final copy to the members for approval.
Jim discussed SNEP web expense. He is looking for $72 and that the Wood Pawcatuck Assoc. will pick up the rest of SNEP expenses. Jim
reviewed the money that will be paid to BVP . Jim will mail out the certificates from the picnic.
The picnic was reviewed by the board. The caterer (Morin’s ) was given high marks. A change of venue was discussed. Goddard Park and
Spring Lake will be looked into. There was discussion about doing it every other year.

Susan discussed the November movie night at the JCC. People will be allowed 5 to 10 minutes for their presentation.
Next year Bill Luther wants to do a river cleanup.
Barbara asked and got approval of $300 for stamps.
Board decided that a rescue program would best be done before the next paddle season. Speakers are needed for Jan. and Feb. Speaker
names that cam up were -Bill Luther and Mike Krabach.
It was suggested that a book notice could be put in the newsletter.


RICKA Executive board meeting September 5,2012

Meeting start-7 PM Meeting end 7:55PM
Attended: Susan -vice pres / Alan /Henry / Cheryl /Cat / Mike V. / Barbara /Andy /Lysa /Bill Luther

Susan called the meeting to order and the minutes were approved as they were posted on the web. The Treasurer’s report was $4,818.19. Some of the money is owed to the Blackstone Valley Paddlers.
-Cat discussed RICKA classes for the Fall. First Aid and VHF radio classes. The idea came up that the VHF class might be a program for a general meeting in February. Cat will see about scheduling First Aid for early November if not then in Spring.
-Waterfire- AJ wants to know if it is worthwhile to participate in Waterfire. Waterfire charges for people to participate. The idea was not well received by the board. It will be put in the newsletter and members can participate. It will not be sponsored by RICKA.
-It was decided to contact the caterer and schedule people to eat at 12:30.
Lysa will put names of RICKA members who have given to the organization on poster board Susan wll give a short speech about these people. The caterer wants names by Sept.10-more names can be added up to Sept 14. Awards were discussed. Susan will deal with the caterer on the day of the picnic.

-Lysa has 2 books for the library.
-Barbara discussed new contact person at the JCC and the need for her to be kept in the loop with what goes on at the JCC. She also stated that all reservations have been made for Sept. to May.
-Bill returned the Volunteer of Year trophy for the picnic.


RICKA Executive Board Meeting Minutes 8/1/12 Lincoln Woods

In attendance were: Tom McHugh, Frank Cortesa, Susan Engleman, Cheryl Thompson Cameron, Henry Dziadosz, Bill Brown, bill Luther, Elijah Swift, Mike Vechinsky, Sharon Dragon, Lysa Amarall and Cat Ratcliffe.

The meeting was called to order by VP Susan Engleman at 7:05.

A motion was made to accept the minutes of the previous meeting by Henry and seconded by Cheryl. The motion was approved.

Due to the absence of the treasurer, no treasurer’s report was presented.

Discussion ensued on making a smooth transition in the treasurer position, due to the fact that Charlie will soon be moving out of state.


The 35th Anniversary awards were discussed. It was decided that Bill L. and Henry would review the list compiled by Jim Cole and make their recommendations. Lysa distributed the certificate that she had created. The Board thought they were just what was needed and it was decided to use the form that Lysa had presented.

The speakers for the upcoming meetings were discussed. This is the schedule as it stands.

September Author Paul Fournier

October Denise Poyer – Wood/Pawcatuck

November Movie Night

It was also decided that long-time member Kevin Allsworth would make a whitewater safety / rescue presentation in the spring.

Elijah passed around a list of duplicate books contained in the library. It was decided that these books should be sold and the proceeds used to purchase new books for the library.


The board decided to send a fruit basket to President AJ Barbato when he returns home after his surgery.

Cat brought up the point that there had been some difficulties with the pool that was used for the last rolling clinic. It was decide that the board members would be on the lookout for an alternative venue.

Discussion ensued on ways to expand the use of the library by the membership. It was decided that one way would be to have a “Book of the Month” section in the monthly newsletter.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM.

Henry Dziadosz, Acting Secretary


Minutes of RICKA Executive Board Meeting  6-27-2012

In attendance:  A.J. Barbato, Sue Engleman, Jim Cole, Mike Vechinsky, Eric Eckilson, Cheryl Thompson Cameron, Henry Dziadosz, Lysa Amaral, Frank Cortesa, Andy Vieira, Sharon Dragon and Bill Luther

The meeting was called to order by A.J. Barbato at 6:52 PM

A motion was made to accept the minutes of the previous meeting (as posted) by Henry.  The motion was seconded by Cheryl and approved.


The whistles have been purchased.  They are to be used as gifts at the picnic.  The Blackstone Valley Paddlers also purchased some on the same shipment.

Bill discussed the volunteer of the year award.  Names were previously submitted by the membership.  After discussion it was decided who should be given this year’s award. 

Bill also proposed a lifetime member award using the following criteria.

                - 15-20 years of active membership

                - must have lead at least three (3) successful activities and/or programs

                - has been a positive influence on the membership of the club

After much discussion, Jim made a motion to accept the award, Cheryl seconded the motion and it was passed. 


Following the previous award discussion, it was decided to research past and present members of the club and establish a “35 Year Award” to acknowledge their contributions in forming and transforming RICKA into what it is today.  Jim Cole will produce a list of likely candidates and the awards will be discussed at the next meeting of the executive board.

Jim Cole mentioned the length of time he had put in to update the membership files and that there was nobody trained to assist him.  Sharon Dragon stepped forward and agreed to assist Jim in this important work.

The speaker who was selected for the September meeting has been contacted but has yet to respond.  Another attempt to contact him will be made.  Other options were explored.

Bill mentioned that Denise Poyer of the Wood Pawcatuck Watershed Association might make an informative and engaging speaker.  The speaker fee we normally give could be used as a donation to WPWA.  Bill also inquired about stories he has written and posted on the web about watershed associations.  The feedback was very positive. 

The new membership fliers were distributed to the members of the executive board.

A.J. made a motion to adjourn; it was seconded by Lysa and approved.

The meeting adjourned at 8:08 PM

Henry Dziadosz, Acting Secretary


Barbara August, Secretary

Meeting start--7:06 PM end 8:18 PM

Attended-AJ Barbato-president /Henry / Cheryl / Tom /Bill Luther /Susan /Barbara /Carleen / Charlie

Susan brought up RICKA’S speaker fees of $150 as being too much and we must seek alternate fees.
Proposals were brought up that included having a program every other month and to post the meetings with dealers or see about going to the dealers shops.
Discussion ended with trying to get the programs organized ahead.

Whistles were discussed. These will be presented to people who attend the picnic as a party favor. The picnic will be RICKA’S 35 yr anniversary.
Motion was made by Henry and passed. A quantity of 100 will be purchased. The whistles are USCG approved.

Purchase of 2 way radios for flat water groups was proposed by Cheryl. Motion was made and passed to allow $150 for 2or 3 sets of flat water radios.

Finishing By Laws- AJ stated that work on the By Laws and there is a need to come up with a common meeting date to finish. 1-2 hours is all that is needed.
It was suggested that AJ and Susan meet to get the By Laws together and send a copy to the board members for any notations-the board members would be given 1 month.

June 27 ex board would be at REI in Cranston. August board meeting would be at Lincoln Woods Pavaillion. Tom will put on a bbq for board members and combine it with a board meeting.
Henry discussed the geo cashe addition to the club and what it is and how it is intended to promote RICKA.

Barbara August, Secretary

Meeting start- 7PM  Meeting end-8:15
ATTENDED:  AJ-president / Mike V./ Cheryl / Tom / Jim / Erik / Susan / Barbara / Andy / Frank / Bill /Charlie /Alan 
Treasurer’s report-all 4 previous month have been sent and Cheryl will store.

Picnic-Susan proposed awards to be given at the picnic.  Each paddle group will pick five people in their group to receive awards. 
These will be classed “fun awards”.  There will be 2-3 people in each group  that will receive special awards.  Susan wants to give each
person who goes to the picnic a gift because it’s an anniversary year.  Whistles and lanyards were discussed.
AJ discussed picnic applications and that he would attend the Jamestown town council meeting in case there were any questions.
Susan has a copy of the contract with the caterer.
RICKA profiles will be expanded to people who are not on the executive board.  Frank will follow up and discuss at the next meeting.
Jim wants to keep ex presidents on the email list.
Training classes-6/23-24 White water class will be run by Mike Rock and there will be a charge of $50.  Flatwater class will be 7/1 and people are needed for rescue.
Reimbursement for board members-people are advised to send receipts to treasurer regularly and do not hold on to them.  AJ will get extra checks to pay bills.
Jim proposed to change procedure for sending out carabineers for renewals.
AJ will be sending out a paddle safety talk  and signals to board members.
July executive board will be rescheduled to June 27.  


2012 Elections:
On April 16th 2012 an election was held at the RICKA general meeting where AJ Barbato -president / Susan Engleman -vice president/ Barbara 
August-secretary / Charlie Laroque -treasurer were elected for a 2  year term to RICKA.


Barbara August, Secretary

Meeting start-7PM meeting end-8:34 PM
ATTENDED-Bill Luther-president/AJ/Mike V./Susan/Tom/Carleen/Barbara/ Cat

-Discussed sale of t-shirts. Carleen offered to take some.  Cheryl still has a few. 
-Picnic is Sept. 16 at Ft .Getty.  Sue presented the menue. It is different from last year.  The cost from the caterer is $20. 
There will not be dessert, instead there will be an anniversary cake. The cost will be $15 for RICKA members and $20
for non-members. Motion was made and passed.
-Susan discussed the need to restructure  awards and to put it on the next agenda.
-AJ brought up the swap meet at the picnic-no problems with permits.
-Restructuring membership dues was tabled until Jim is present.
-Publicity chair information is tabled until Jim  discusses it with Frank and both are present.
-Bill brought up eco-tourism email he receivedand how it affects RICKA.
-Cat discussed bill she received from the rolling clinic.  She will talk to Frank Matta about it and report back.
-The board discussed the health of the treasury.  A check will be returned to the Blackstone Valley Paddle Club for dues RICKA collected
on their behalf.  The check is for $540 before Pay Pal fees are deducted . It was brought up that Andy needs to get more involved with the 
 treasury.  It was mentioned that because he will no longer be president Bill’s name will come off the checking account and AJ’s will be put on.
-Minutes and treasurer’s report will be put on 2 servers for safe keeping.
-Flat water paddles will start April 28.  June will start outdoor meetings and that will be the 18th at100 Acre Cove in Barrington.
July 15 will be at Wakefield pond in Burriville.  August 20 will be  the north branch of the Pawtuxet in Hope.
-Discussion of personal liability related to high level of certification of individuals needs more clarification from those concerned.
-AJ will contact Bill Hahn about the by-laws.
-Fort Getty will cost $200 for clean-up .  It will be refunded.
-Common adventure paddles was put aside-it is not feasible

Barbara August, Secretary

March 7th 2012 Meeting Start 7PM- ended- 9PM
ATTENDED: Bill Luther-President/ AJ /Mike V. / Mike B. / Tom / Cat /Cheryl /Jim / Alan / Barbara / Andy /Susan /Carleen /Charlie / Bill B.
T-shirts were shown, Alan will charge RICKA $10.50 a shirt and RICKA will sell for $20.00 each. They will be sold at meetings. Orders can be taken 
through the web and use Pay Pal.  When the first 16 are sold then more shirts will be ordered.
Media back-up for the secretary and treasurer¹s reports was discussed. Jim puts secretary and treasurer reports on the Yahoo board site. 
 There was discussion about putting information on 2 servers twice. Next meeting this discussion will be revisited.
Lucky for Life secondary drawing. RICKA will make a donation to drawing for publicity purposes. Jim made a motion for this and it was approved.
Discussed the health of the treasury.  Andy provided information on the treasury for the past 2 years. The board discussed ways to trim the budget.
Picnic will be scheduled for mid September. Susan and AJ will schedule the picnic with Ft. Getty.
Swap meet-Susan will get back to Jake from the Kayak Center.  Susan stated that he told her that RICKA would be able to use the field near their 
ramp before May. Susan will check with him about insurance and see if there are any additional costs to RICKA.  
Charitable donations were discussed Mike V. discussed a Boy Scout troop needing PFDs.  Jim reported the request from Wood Pawcatuck Watershed Association
 needing foot peg retro-fitting for 30 kayaks. Further discussion on this will continue when the treasury is better off. This was a motion that passed by the board.
Speakers for meetings - will try come from RICKA membership.  The author of TALES FROM MISERY RIDGE will be contacted to be a speaker for Sept 10 or 24.
Erik will run the April general meeting.
Tom announced that Community boating has sit-on- top kayaks and is looking for RICKA members to teach classes. Cat will find out more.
RICKA will be creating Geo Cashes.
The board discussed having the individual chairpersons give short reports at the general meetings.  This would give people information as to what is going on.
Jim wants to find a person to do the publicity.  He is doing the membership work.
There was a discussion about common adventure type of paddles.  It was decided that this would be brought up at the sea kayak planning meeting.

Barbara August, Secretary

February 1st, 2012 Meeting Start 7 PM  End : 8:35 PM
ATTENDED: Bill Luther- President/ Frank / Mike V./ Susan/ Lysa/ Cheryl/ Jim/ Erik/ Bill Brown/ Barbara/ Charlie/ Mike Bussell 


Posting of the Newsletter on Facebook had many opinions among the board members.
Erik discussed the newsletter going on Facebook the month it is published. Susan will take put a RICKA link on Facebook to it. The current newsletter is on the web. 


Nomination of officers is in current newsletter.  Names will be read in March and voted on in April.

Rolling clinic discussion tabled, Cat was absent.

Discussed any interest in Wilderness First Aid classes.  If no interest consider taking a year off. Erik will talk to Mike Rock about Whitewater classes and Flatwater classes will be organized this year.

Used equipment sale needs to be checked into.  It will be tabled until the next meeting.  Erik will try and contact people who published article to get info.

Grants will be tabled until next meeting, Cat was absent.

Was suggested that RICKA join American Whitewater Association.

Jim discussed giving door prizes at the general meetings.  This will start February meeting.

Board members are encouraged to put their bio’s in the newsletter. Cheryl will add contact for bio’s on the web site.

Logo design discussed.  Discussed making a trip leader Volunteer T-Shirt .This will be discussed at the March meeting, along with the picnic.

Susan discussed the combination of the membership and fiscal year of RICKA.  Jim felt that it did not need to be done now.

Susan will contact AJ about the revision of the by-laws.


Erik for April, Jim will discuss wilderness paddling in May.

Charlie discussed Treasurer’s report.

Barbara August, Secretary

January 4, 2012 Meeting Start 7 PM  End : 8:41 PM
ATTENDED:  Bill Luther  President /Erik / Cheryl / Mike /Andy /Jim /Tom / Susan / AJ /Charlie / Cat /Barbara / Alan 

Bill brought up the treasury balance of $2,200.00 . Reports from the treasurer confirmed it. This was due to the picnic and web site renewals.
The balance in the treasury will go up when member renewals come in. Charlie Larocque will be stepping down in a year.

Budgets for training need to be submitted to the executive board at least three months ahead. The budgets should include a proposal of what will be done.
Consideration of the budgets will be held back until renewal money comes to the treasury.

Cat will look into cold water training for beginners.

Charitable donations from last year were discussed. Bill wants to delegate this to someone else.
Cat will coordinate this in March. The information will be posted in the newsletter.

The nominating committee for 2012 will be headed by Erik.

Ways to welcome new members and renewals was discussed. Jim brought up a small $1.00 First Aid kit as a small gift to new members.
A motion was made and passed to give Jim $50 to buy these kits.

Status of Pay Pal was discussed. All is up and functional. Cat will be able to use it for the Rolling Clinic.

Alan August was given the Member at Large position.

Meetings to finish the By-Laws were discussed. It was estimated that it would take 3-4 hours to finish. AJ stated that it is 50% finished; he will contact Bill Hahn to see what he wishes to do. The meeting will be kept separate from a regular executive board meeting and will follow Roberts Rules of Order. Place and time for meeting will be announced.

New Business:

Cat will draft a thank you letter to Friends of Blackstone and Frank Matta after the Rolling Clinic.
Jim proposed motion to give him a 1 yr. honorary membership.. motion made and passed by all.

Jim brought up multi-year memberships as another way to renew. He will send proposal to the board.

Alan will contact Chick Noreau to create a 35 yr. anniversary design. He is authorized to pay him $300.00.
Motion was made and passed by all. It was decided to see if there was any interest in basic flatwater canoe instruction classes.

Barbara asked for postage stamp money- $195.00

Charlie read his treasurer’s reports as posted on the RICKA board web site.