Minutes 2016


No meeting in December


RICKA Executive Board Minutes for November 2nd 2016

Present: Sharon, Cheryl, Erik and Lori
Absent: Susan, Cat, Henry, Carleen, Bill, Ric, Andy, Mike, Tom, Chuck

Sharon called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM

 A motion was made to accept the minutes of the past executive board meeting by Erik and seconded by Lori. The motion was approved. A motion was made to accept the October treasurer's report by Cheryl and seconded by Erik.  The motion was approved. 

 Old Business

Sharon went to the town of Charlestown to inquire about using Ninigret for our 2017 RICKA BBQ. It appears to be a more complicated process to apply for the permit this year. Other locations were discussed and it was decided that we would look into Goddard Park’s availability. Lori will investigate further. Cheryl will contact Ranger Chuck Arning to see if he is available to do a presentation at the April meeting.We will contact the JCC in January to reserve the meeting room/s if needed. The RICKA Geocoin order is in and Lori has begun mailing and distributing them. The approval of the new pamphlet was tabled until Cat is present.

 New Business

Chuck Horbert has accepted the Wilderness Chair positon.General meeting aka RICKA Lecture series.  Erik will head up the November meeting and organize the videos for movie night.

Other New Business

A discussion ensued about the March meeting. In lieu of a meeting, we discussed having a 40th season kickoff party at a local restaurant. This will be RICKA’s 40th anniversary and we are making plans to commemorate this event at the March get together.  

Adjorned 7:55

RICKA Executive Board Minutes    October 5, 2016

 Present: Susan, Sharon,  Cheryl, Henry. Lori and Carleen

Absent: Erik, Bill, Ric, Lysa, Andy, Mike, Tom, and Cat

 Susan called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM 

A motion was made to accept the minutes of the past executive board meeting by Sharon and seconded by Carleen.  The motion was approved. A motion was made to accept the August treasurer's report  by Cheryl and seconded by Sharon.  The motion was approved. A motion was made to accept the September treasurer's report  by Sharon and seconded by Carleen.  The motion was approved.

 Old Business

 All payments have been received for the picnic. Geocoin order has been placed and delivery is expected in approximately two wekks.

New Business

The approval of the new pamphlet was tabled until Cat is present. The issue of providing insurance at events was brought up.  We get insurance through the ACA.  It was decided that we will continue to use the ACA insurance only for training events.  The cost in $5.00 per person per event.

Other New Business

 Jim cole has resigned as wilderness chair and board members will seek to find a person to fill this slot.  Ideas were discussed about increasing the poor attendance at general meetings.  A change in day and locations did not bring about the desired change.  We could possibly hold a "spring fling" at a local eatery to kick off the paddling season. Ninigret was proposed as the site for the next club picnic.  September 16, 17 or following weekend was brought up for possible dates.

Adjourned 7:57 PM

No Executive Board Meeting in September 2016


RICKA Executive Board Minutes August 10, 2016


Present: Susan, Sharon, Jim, Cheryl, Erik, Lori

Absent: Bill, Ric, Andy, Mike, Tom, Cat, Henry, Carleen


Susan called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM 

The minutes of the past executive board meeting were amended to read: We had used this room in the past and it was decided to go ahead and book the room for the meetings in  September and October and November. A motion was made to accept the amended minutes of the past executive board meeting by Jim and seconded by Erik.  The motion was approved. A motion was made to accept the minutes of the treasurer's report  by Jim and seconded by Cheryl.  The motion was approved.


Old Business


It was decided to add a November meeting for 2016 to allow enough time to prepare for movie night. 

A motion to authorize payment for the room was made by Jim and seconded by Erik. The motion was approved.

A discussion ensued regarding speaker options for the September and October meetings. 


New Business


Picnic: Twenty-seven people have registered so far.  Responsibilities for cooking and providing supplies were discussed. 

Kayak donation: A member offered to donate a Folbot folding kayak to RICKA.  It was decided to suggest to the member that she try to sell or donate the kayak via the newsletter classifieds rather than accept the donation.


Geo Coins: There are 103 orders at this time.  Lori renegotiated the contract to change the minimum order to 103. 

It was decided to extend the timeframe for ordering to August 19.  The order will be placed after that date. 

Volunteer trophy:  Susan is handling the name change for the VOTY trophy.


Adjourned 8:00 PM


 RICKA Executive Board Minutes July 6, 2016 

Present: Susan, Sharon, Tom, Jim, Cheryl, Henry and Carleen
Absent: Erik, Bill, Ric, Lori, Andy, Mike and Cat 

Susan called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM

A motion was made to accept the minutes of the past executive board meeting by Jim and seconded by Sharon.  The motion was approved. 
A motion was made to accept the minutes of the treasurer's report  by Jim and seconded by Sharon.  The motion was approved. 

Old Business
 The JCC is still under construction.  They offered us the use of the parenting room for $60 per hour.   We had used this room in the past and it was decided to go ahead and book the room for the meetings in September and October.  It was decided to maintain the pricing for the picnic this year.  There haven't been a lot of suggestions for awards as of this date.   If you have any ideas, please get them into Susan.  We do expect an increase in raffle items. 

New Business
 Non-members will be allowed to post items on the classified page on a csae by case basis.  The ads must be of interest to club members. BVPC will be sponsoring a SUP paddle class for members of BVPC first, then RICKLA members.  There are 25 spots. Other New Business There have been 3 kayaks, 1 solo canoe and 1 tandem canoe signed up for the flatwater training as of this date. 
 Insurance forms will be available at the training.
 Sharon advised the board that there are 234 paid members.  

Adjourned 7:37 PM

RICKA Executive Board Minutes 
June 1, 2016

Present: Susan, Sharon, Tom, Mike, Jim, Andy, Cheryl, Henry, Cat and Bill Luther
Absent: Erik, Bill, Ric, Lysa, Lori and Carleen

Susan called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM 
Minutes of the past executive board meeting and the treasurer's report were approved.

Old Business 
The option of meetings returning to the JCC was discussed.  Other venues were also mentioned and further inquiries will be made. 
It was also noted that there is still a need for a speaker in September.

 New Business 
Cat passed around a copy of the RICKA brochure which she had updated.  Some suggestions were submitted and a final draft will soon be available. Safety and Education _
 at reported that a wilderness first aid course could not be scheduled this year and she is looking to schedule it for next year.
 She has had a very positive response. for this course among the RICKA sea kayakers. 
A motion was make by Sharon to continue our membership in the Wood Pawcatuck River Association.  The motion was seconded by Jim.  $75 will be sent to them. 

The volunteer of the year award was brought up for discussion was brought up by Cheryl. Frank Cortesa was nominated and approved by the board. 
Paddling options at the club picnic were discussed.  More research will take place and plans should be finalized in the near future. 

Other New Business 
Cat inquired as to whether the winter rolling clinic should be continued.  There didn't seem to be a lot of enthusiasm for the idea.  
There is a possibility of running the clinic in the summer which would do away with the need and expense of a pool. Blackstone Valley Paddle Club made a $400 donation to a
 Blackstone Valley Boy Scout Troop to facilitate a Scout or Scouts attending summer camp. The BVPC also made a $500.00 donation to the 
Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council's River Ranger Program  
sponsoring urban youths on the water. 

Adjourned 7:59 PM


RICKA Executive Board Meeting May 4, 2016


Present: Carleen, Jim, Cheryl, Henry, Sharon, Cat, Lori and Susan

Absent: Erik, Tom, Bill, Ric, Lysa and Mike 

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM.

A motion was made to approve the minutes of the previous meeting by Jim.  It was seconded by Cheryl and was approved.A motion was made to approve the treasurer's report by  Sharon. It was seconde by Jim and was approved. At the general meeting the proposed slate of officers received a unanimous affirmative vote.  Cheryl, acting as head of the nominating committee, asked the secretary to cast one vote for the following:  

President. Susan Engleman 
Vice President. Sharon Dragon
 Secretary.Henry Dziadosz 
Treasurer. Andy Viera

Old Business

Discussion centered on the dropping attendance at monthly meetings and the rising cost of rooms and speakers.  Attendance at outdoor training is better and seemed to be getting more bang for the buck. 
There will be an indoor meeting in September and movie night in October.  There will be no meeting in November, December, January and February.  March will be the paddling kick-off and April will be election of officers.  May will start the outdoor meetings.

 New Business

Car received 75 DVD copies of "Reading the Rhythms of Rivers and Rapids from the ACA.  They will be distributed at events and to interested individuals.  Inquiries were made by EMS about the
RICKA promotional brochure.  Cat volunteered to update the old brochure. Jim made a motion that an amount of money, not to exceed $500 be made available for training to the sea kayak group
or any other RICKA group for training purposes.  The motion was seconded by Henry and approved. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:02 PM  


RICKA Exec Board Meeting   April 6, 2016 

Present:  Cheryl, Henry, Erik, Carleen, Tom, Lori, Jim, Ric,
Sharon and AndyAbsent:  Bill, Ric, Lysa, Mike, Susan, Jim and Cat 

The Meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM

A motion was made by Cheryl and seconded by Lori to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.  The motion passed.  Andy notified the board that one of our ATM cards had been hacked.  An affidavit is in the process of being filed and a replacement card has been obtained.  A motion was made by Lori and seconded by Cheryl to approve the treasurer's report.  The motion was approved.

 New Business

 Andy informed the board that the legal mailing address of the club, for the state and Citizen's Bank, needs to be changed from 70 Scott Street since Barbara is no longer an officer.   Discussion ensued how best to accomplish this.  Action was tabled until the next meeting.

 Old Business

Lori informed the group that the cleanup for Central Pond will be on April 16th from 9 - 11 AM.  Members are asked to assist. Lori related to the board that geocoin sales are going well.  53 have been ordered to date.  71% of the purchases are by RICKA members and 81% by geocachers.  Membership overlap accounts for the percentages not totaling out evenly.  Lori also reported on the 2015 survey of Paddlesports.  The data was compiled from 2014 information.  It was decide that this information should be made available to club members and so a link will be posted on the website.

 New Business (again) 

 There were five "winners" in the RICKA / Facebook share contest and they each received a free membership.  All were previous members.  Sharon asked that the winners who were BVPC / RICKA members be given memberships to both groups.  This was approved by both RICKA and BVPC.  The will be two speakers for the April meeting and they will be traveling from NH.  It was proposed by Sharon and seconded by Andy that the fee be increased from $150 to $200.  The motion was passed.Discussion ensued on the speaker's fee for the May meeting.  No action was taken. Discussion evolved into the cost and effectiveness of the speaker's and their fees.  Ideas were submitted that the frequency of meetings be scaled back due to low attendance and the increasing costs, both for the speakers and the meeting places.  No action was taken.

 A motion was made by Cheryl and seconded by Erik.  to award a prize consisting of a BVPC/RICKA membership to a participant of the upcoming Geocaching Armada event.  The motion carried. Gale Ferris requested to be a speaker at the May meeting.  We already have a speaker but we will look at a future date that could be agreeable.

Sally Hampton (USCG Auxiliary) brought some orange stickers to be placed into member's boats to provide contact information in the event the boat and owner become separated.  This could aid in locating the owner before a search and rescue is started, in the event the boat is found abandoned on a waterway.  Sally will provide stickers to the club for distribution by trip leaders.  Boat inspection was also discussed.  Both services are free of charge.


RICKA Exec Board Meeting  March 2, 2016
Present:  Cheryl, Henry, Erik, Susan, Tom, Lori, Sharon, Mike and Andy Absent:  Bill, Ric, Lysa, Carleen, Jim and Cat
The Meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM 

A motion was made by Andy and seconded by Erik to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.  The motion passed.
A motion was made by Lori and seconded by Cheryl to approve the treasurer's report.  The motion was approved. 

Old Business

Lori reported that 24 of the RICKA coins had been sold and that two and possibly three new memberships were generated due to the sale of the coins. 
Discussion on a possible RICKA sponsored geocaching trip ensued.  The proposal of such a trip would be a welcomed addition to the flatwater planning meeting. 
The Blackstone Valley Paddle Club has been nominated for a Hartzog Award.  The BVPC was nominated in the category of outstanding  Volunteer Group.
It was announced that REI in Cranston, RI will be the place of the next Exec Board meeting on April 6th. 

New Business

Lori reported that the Ten Mile River Watershed Association has invited her to a board meeting to enlist support of a Earth Day (April 16th) clean up of Central Pond in Pawtucket.  This will also be a CITO (cache in - trash out) geocaching event.  RICKA members may be invited to assist by posting event on flatwater message board or by volunteering. 

A motion was made to adjourn at 7:45 by Erik and seconded by Cheryl.  The motion passed. 


FEBRUARY 3, 2016


Meeting start - 7 P M meeting end - 8:45 P M
 Attending: Susan Engleman - president /Lori/Cheryl/Carleen/Jim/Erik/Lysa/Cat/Barbara*

Minutes - Susan called for approval of the minutes from the last board meeting. 
Cheryl seconded and all approved.
*Treasurer’s report - Jim made a motion to approve - Erik seconded and all approved.


Jim and Lori sent information to the board about negativity. Jim discussed being more considerate of each other during club discussions.
*Lori led the discussion about the Robert’s Rules of Order that were sent to Susan for discussion.  Jim wants to have a copy of the ‘cheat sheet’ 
at the board meetings helping us follow the Robert’s Rules as best as possible.*
Geo Coins - Lori continued her presentation about the coins. She has more 
information from the mint and designs. The coin will be about 1 1/2inches and 3mm thick polished nickel. The smallest order could start at 175 coins. 
Lori explained we would take pre-orders for the coins and therefore they would be prepaid before being ordered. The plan is to price them so RICKA 
does not make or lose money. It will be a break-even endeavor. Lori explained there could be two types of coins one for geocachers (trackable) and the other 
for non geocachers (non-trackable), and they will have two different price points.  Lori has the costs for these coins. Susan asked for a motion on the project.
 Jim made a motion to proceed with the coins and Barbara seconded. Cat wants to amend the motion, asking for information regarding # of geocaching RICKA 
members and postponing the vote until we have that information. That amendment was not approved. Erik proposed an amendment to only place the coin order 
if pre-orders reach minimum quantity of 175. Amendment approved. Vote on the original motion (with approved amendment) passed with one nay. Cat stated that 
he coins are not in the mission or purpose of RICKA.


*Approving the board meeting minutes in appropriate time.  The secretary should send the minutes out for corrections allowing enough time for corrections. 
These corrections would be made, then brought to the next monthly board meeting to be approved and then posted to the web.
*Past minutes are housed in three 
different data bases.*Jim discussed his CPR article. He stated that Manny Point could be honored by conducting CPR/FA classes at meetings.  There was discussion.
*Barbara discussed not running for secretary in the next election.
*Cat showed the board information on grant writing that she had received.
*Pool sessions for the rolling clinic. 
Cat proposed making two sessions into two hour practice sessions. Cat is going to contact the Y regarding the terms of the contract. If it seems that we would be on 
the hook if we can’t get enough participants to cover costs, Cat will contact Susan and they would make a decision on whether to go forward.  She also discussed 
asking RICKA members to see if there was enough interest in practice only, to cover costs.    Discussion ensued about outdoor clinics in the warmer weather.


Attended-Susan Engleman 
meeting start---7pm    meeting end---9pm 

*Susan made a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting as they were 
posted to the web. Cheryl seconded.  The board voted ,Jim abstained. 
*Jim moved to approve the Treasurer’s report as they were posted to the board.  
Sharon seconded. This motion was passed unanimously. 
*Susan gave the board an update on the damage to  St. Martin’s Church floor. 
There was nothing in the ACA insurance of this type of damage. Because of the 
damage RICKA did to the floor, the meetings will be held in the Sterns room. 
*Susan gave a speaker update. March 29 Matt Hopkinton will speak on his trip 
down the Penobscott. Susan asked Jim to do his presentation on wilderness 
paddling in May. April will be Marshall Moore and Jean Gerber who will speak on 
their trip on the McKenzie River. 

*Sharon presented a new membership package design. She is producing a generic 
membership letter, since her printer is not adequate for printing large 
quantities  she will take the letter to Staples for printing. Sharon questioned 
continuing to send paper newsletters out to retailers and others. It was 
discussed that notices should be published in the newsletters for two months. 
April 1 is the start of the new membership year.Sharon made a motion to discontinue 
mailing  paper copies of the newsletter starting April 1. The motion was seconded by 
Cheryl and passed with one dissenting vote. 
*Outdoor Recreation Council-Jim Cole will be a member.  This council was created 
by the governor. 
*Cat discussed the 2016 pool sessions for the rolling clinic.  They will be held 
at the Newman  Y , March 5 and 12th. The Newman Y is giving RICKA 
reduced rates and RICKA might lower the cost to participants. She went on 
to say that it is too late for this year because announcements have already been 
made to RICKA members.Perhaps we will consider it for next year. Cat and Andy will be 
pool session coordinators  again this year. Cat confirmed with Newman Y that we 
need to  have our own insurance. She has renewed RICKA’s  ACA 2016 membership. This will 
include general liability insurance. Cat included that since many new paddlers 
sign up, combining rolling and rescue instruction would be done where 
*Picnic reservations-date August 21 at Colt State Park at the big pavilion. A 
$100 check will be made out to the state of RI and sent to the park. The next 
meeting the board will figure out the paddles and other items connected with the 
*Geo Coins-Lori showed her collection to the board and gave an explanation of 
what they are and how they work.She explained that the person (Chris) who has been
doing the design and marketing does not wish to do this again. She was 
considering the fact that RICKA might want to get involved.  This might be a way 
to get members or it may be considered a collectible for RICKA members.  Next 
month a possible design will be presented. 
*Susan showed the decal Jim had given her about the “like” program.  If people 
see it posted they would follow the instructions to be entered into a membership 
*Susan showed the information about Manny Point to the board. 

*Jim discussed the need to raise RICKA dues to $20 in April.  Susan brought up 
that this item should be tabled until Sharon is present. 
*Jim discussed RICKA’s geo caches and asked why they were “Premium Cashes” as this 
limits the people who can find them. 
*Motion to adjourn was made by Susan and seconded by Barbara-it passed