Gear generously donated to RICKA from Bill and Sue Rose.

Gear for sale: If it is listed, it is still available. Contact Cheryl at or call or text 401-497-5887

·        Brunton Precision Compass. Previously installed another one on my Necky Chatham 16 and it is great.

       I bought this compass online and intended  to install it on my Valley Gemini Sport Play kayak.

       Turns out that the Valley kayak does not have the indentation needed to install the compass. 

·         Kestrel 2000 windspeed detector. 

·         Two flotation bags. Never used, more-or-less conical shaped with inflation tubes.  


           Mt. St. Helens Volcanic Ash Sculpture of skin-on-frame kayak with paddler and caught seal.

       kayak is 9” long. On sculpture of seas. Purchased at Seattle Farmer’s Market